Dead Meat


This is (yet) another Bomberman clone... but with chickens this time. If you don't know bomberman, the game is very simple: you're a chicken, you lay eggs... Your eggs explode (yeah!)... When they explode, they can fry other players or destroy the terrain, revealing some nice upgrades. Those can be used to cause even more damage to the terrain or to the opponents. See the bonuses section for more details on upgrades. The winner is the last chicken standing.


Windows installer (all inclusive)
Source code


Gaëtan de Menten ~ Code
Jérôme Lorin ~ Graphics
Benjamin Gigot ~ Computed graphics
Caroline Thiry ~ Additional graphics
Pierre Martin ~ Music

The current version of the game is a complete rewrite in Python of the original version written in C by Benjamin Gigot, Gaëtan de Menten and Patrick Aussems.

We must also thank A.J. Palmer for the font which is distributed as "guiltware".



You start with one exploding egg at your disposal. You may of course try to kill your opponent right then but you might also try to get more powerful by making use of the several bonuses scattered through the level. Here is the list of possible bonuses:

'Classic' bonuses:

You may have one more egg on the screen at any given time
Your eggs explode one square further (in all directions)
You run faster
You lay faster

'Special' bonuses: (require the use of the special key)

Remotely controlled egg. Press the special key once to drop/once again to detonate. You can use a red egg every 10 seconds or if you take another red egg bonus. Use in combination with normal eggs for maximum effect.
Invisibility (does not work in 8bpp screen modes)
Press the special key during all the time you want to be invisible. Note that you are not 100% invisible but it's very hard for your opponent to spot you while he is moving. Sometimes when using this, you get lost yourself. In this case, just release the key for a very short while, just to see where you are...
Drop all your eggs at once in front of you


Several levels come with the game but you can also design your own levels ! If you do create a new level, please send it back to us so that it can be included in the next release (if it's not too boring/too similar to another level already done).

To use your own levels, you just need to put them in the right directory (see README file in the archive for more details) and they will be loaded automatically.


If you want to run Dead Meat from sources you will have to install the following software packages (this does NOT apply if you use the all-inclusive installer for Windows):

  • Python 2.x (2.6 or greater),
  • PyGame 1.8 or greater (along with all its dependencies)
  • PyYAML 3.0.x or greater.


No chickens were hurt during the creation of this game (or at least they didn't suffer :)


Dead Meat is distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License, version 3 (GPLv3).


For any feedback (whether you found a bug, have a suggestion, want to contribute something or simply want to thank us), don't be afraid to contact me:

ged!bugfactory!org (with @ and . instead of !)